Morocco Visa Experience

This is probably the second best visa experience I had so far (first being Japan). Following is the timeline.

  • Gathered all documents as mentioned in their website and dropped off at USPS on Friday evening. Used 2-day priority shipping. I took the Money Order also at USPS. Included 1-day priority express envelope for return shipping.
  • Package delivered to the consulate on Monday evening.
  • Return package picked up by USPS on Wednesday evening.
  • Delivered to me by USPS in San Francisco on Thursday morning. Super impressed with the speed of processing. I had frustrating experience with wait times for appointments to Schengen Visa and this was so refreshing.
Costed me around $24 (Visa Fee) + $1.25 (Money Order Fee) + $7 (Outbound Shipping) + $26 (Return Shipping).

Visa is issued from date of application to 3 months, single entry and 20-days stay.

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